Rhythm Rider

The rhythm rider will rock you from side to side, round and round and over the top, leaving you always wanting more! With most of our attractions for children this ride sure is for teenagers, with fast speeds it is no force to be reckoned with.


Sizzler Twist

Our Sizzler Twist is a spinning sensation that is bound to get both children and adults screaming for more! This ride has proven very popular with families no matter what age.image image



The Waltzer is always a firm favourite with EVERYONE!! It Doesn’t fail to make you have a belly laugh! A traditional Family and Teenage Ride that Spins as well as going over the ‘hills’ with disco atmosphere which will keep everyone happy. So whether you’re 2 or 92, come and have a spin and let the fun begin!!


Dogem/Bumper cars

The Ultimate Crazy Driving School!! Lets have a crash! Lets have a laugh!On every Fair because of the popularity. Who doesn’t want to drive like a Lunatic and get away with it!!But remember “One Way Round”.

Fun House

3 Storey’s of pure fun for everyone! You just can’t visit the Fun Fair without going on the Fun House and this one is no exception!! From the Moving Stairs to the Barrel of Fun and that’s just Floor 1!!. With Moving Floors and a Rope Bridge, not forgetting one of our best Curly slides you’ve ever seen! Sooo much more fun to mention but lets not spoil the surprises inside. So come along and have some fun! Don’t forget, its suitable for everyone!!!Nottingham and loughborough 039 v2

Inflatable Fun

With the latest walking Zorb Balls at our fair, we are bound to put a smile on your face. Jump in side and roll about. We have an array of inflatable slides and bouncy castes for your children to enjoyNottingham and loughborough 181 image

Kiddies Rides

Don’t forget we have a wide selection of children’s Rides with Cups and Saucers, Bungees, Racing Cars and Jeeps to choose from so that your young ones are always entertained!!

Tea Cupsimage

The Toy Set


Go Gator


The Formula


The Train Ride


The Jets


The Swinging Chairs

The Race-O-Rama


Barker’s Catering

Food for all your outdoor catering events. Our smart units al carry a first class hygiene certificate and serve all your taste bud could ever crave, from hotdogs, burgers and chips, to pancakes, do-nuts and coffee, not forgetting our ever increasing healthy options plus your fair ground favourites, candy floss, toffee apples and novelty sweets.